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Chemical Processing

In almost all types of chemical industries, water is not just part of the production process but also forms part of the product itself. Our treatment systems ensure requisite quality of water whether for process use, drinking water, cooling water, rinse water or boiler feed Unique Water Technologies experts work in lockstep with your team to tailor the right solution to meet your operational requirements.


Specialized solutions to boost your plant’s productivity

Chemical producers have unique needs that require efficient and safe solutions. With decades of experience in each product sector, UNIQUE WATER TECHNOLOGIES delivers industry-leading technologies that are tailored to suit your operating requirements.

Whether you are looking to boost run length and plant efficiency, improve water and carbon neutrality, protect from corrosion or cost-effectively meet regulatory compliance, we align our chemical processing solutions with your goals—then quickly establish strategies to solve your toughest treatment challenges.

  • Pretreatment/process treatment and high purity water systems
  • Waste water treatment & unique processes for effluent recycle to achieve zero discharge
  • Cooling and boiler water chemical treatment programs
  • Comprehensive O&M for all water systems and utilities
  • Supply of consumables like membranes, water treatment chemicals and antiscalants and critical spares
  • Total water management consultancy
What this means for you:
  • Improved productivity
  • Compliance with pollution control board regulations
  • Optimized performance and life of critical equipment
  • Increased process uptime
  • Reduced costs and waste
  • Saving on freshwater costs
  • Lower discharge of effluent
  • Lower discharge of effluent
  • Cost-effective regulatory compliance


Water Treatment Management for Facilities

Ensure indoor comfort, safeguard assets, and comply with regulations for your hotel, university, office building, and more. UNIQUE WATER TECHNOLOGIES portfolio can help optimize your cooling towers, chillers, and boilers.


Drive down water usage and HVAC fuel costs for one building or a whole campus:

The effects of water treatment go well beyond maintaining satisfactory performance in HVAC systems. Water treatment has a profound impact on utility and maintenance costs, equipment life, worker safety, and regulatory compliance.

UNIQUE WATER TECHNOLOGIES offers facilities management solutions to optimize your heating and cooling systems… keeping indoor spaces comfortable while driving down fuel usage, water consumption, labor and maintenance.

What this means for you:
  • Optimize heating and cooling performance and occupant comfort
  • Keep heat exchangers, cooling towers and boilers clean and efficient
  • Conserve water and energy to protect the environment and your budget
  • Conserve water and energy to protect the environment and your budget
  • Reduce operating costs
  • Protect critical assets against corrosion, scaling and biofouling

Refining Industry Solutions

UNIQUE WATER TECHNOLOGIES experts help minimize unplanned downtime by understanding your refinery’s specific needs – then quickly implementing turnkey solutions that ensure safety, secure operational continuity, and optimize costs and resource efficiency, Our team tailors technologies to your specific refinery and region – so you can focus on growing your core business.


Challenges within the refining industry
  • Reliability & Operating Flexibility (Throughput & Product Mix)
  • Crude Oil Flexibility/Managing Variable Quality
  • Mechanical Availability (Uptime/Equipment Life)
  • Environment, Health & Safety (EH&S)
  • Planned & Unplanned Events

Food & Beverage Industry Solutions

We know that a bottling facility has different needs than a brewery or snack foods manufacturer. our industry experts partner closely with you, drawing on leading technology and industry knowledge to target specific challenges, including production uptime, water conservation and cleaning regulations. The expertise to meet your specific regulatory compliance and product safety needs

Whether looking to improve operational efficiency, increase resource recovery, reduce climate-related risks or differentiate your brand, Unique Water Technologies offers a broad range of solutions tailored to your specific region and industry our equipment, chemicals and service solutions help you:

What this means for you:
  • Recover the maximum amount of water from your ingredient water systems
  • Recover valuable by-products (sugar, protein & starch)
  • Protect and treat cooling towers & boilers
  • Clean wastewater for discharge or reuse, thus improving your water-use ratio
  • Improve uptime with remote monitoring & diagnostics

Metals & Mining Industry Solutions

Greater operational efficiency. Improved extraction and concentration processes. Reduced environmental impact.

At UNIQUE WATER TECHNOLOGIES, we leverage our global industry expertise to quickly understand your needs—then deliver the optimal strategies and solutions for your site.

Tailored solutions for the metals manufacturing and mining industries

Whether your site is in the planning, construction, operations, closure, or rehabilitation state, our experts work closely with your team to ensure reliable production continuity and environmental protection.

With an extensive portfolio including dust control, separation technologies, and metals removal, Unique Water Technologies optimizes your water cycle and reduces operational costs for your mine’s ongoing success.

With these solutions and our deep understanding of your business and economic/environmental challenges, Unique Water Technologies can:

  • Secure and improve the efficiency of your operations
  • Reduce your environmental footprint
  • Increase your operational performance and ensure consistent quality
  • Control dust and other emissions
  • Ensure base camp utilities

Municipal Water Treatment Systems

Enabling municipalities to meet growing population needs, overcome scarcity challenges, and comply with regulatory requirements for water and wastewater treatment plants.

Avoid potential roadblocks caused by aging infrastructure, nutrient discharge limits, and water reuse

From filtration technology that effectively treats local source water to electrodialysis that desalinates brackish water, Unique Water Technologies has the equipment and chemical solutions necessary to help you deliver clean, potable water.

Unique Water Technologies municipal water treatment solutions enable you to discharge safe, treated water, and discover new reuse opportunities.

  • Integrated technologies that can handle waters with high turbidity and high organics
  • Lower odors compared to traditional wastewater treatment designs
  • Safer, acceptable effluent for discharge
  • Improved membrane performance with a portfolio of NSF-certified membrane chemical solutions

Pharmaceuticals and Life Sciences

Meet regulations, boost productivity, and protect the quality of your products with Unique Water Technologies instruments and water purification systems for utility water, ultrapure water (UPW), reactor cleaning, and more. Our self-contained and purpose-built water purification units provides for all types of laboratory and healthcare applications Meet regulations, boost productivity, and protect the quality of your products

There is no one size fits all answer for meeting the various water needs in the pharmaceutical and life sciences field, which is why Unique Water Technologies works closely with customers to assemble the right solution to meet specific water and wastewater requirements. Our portfolio of sensors and instruments serve those who manufacture pharmaceuticals, medical devices, nutraceuticals, botanicals, enzymes, and personal care products.

Our portfolio of offerings span process, ultrapure, and reclaim water supply, management, and monitoring and include reactor cleaning, analysis, and more.

With these solutions and our deep understanding of your business and economic/environmental challenges, Unique Water Technologies can:

  • Reduce costs and improve performance
  • Ensure quality and compliance in manufacturing
  • Provide precise and accurate measurements
  • Verify cleaning for accurate and quick confirmation of process control

Pulp and Paper Industry Solutions

At Unique Water Technologies, we have seen the shifts in demand for tissue paper, newsprint, graphic paper, and cardboard firsthand. Our experts take on pulp and paper mill challenge head-on, quickly understanding your goals and delivering specialized solutions that maximize production efficiency while minimizing your operational costs.

Custom-built solutions for your evolving industry needs

Whether looking to increase fiber recovery, drive resource efficiency, optimize sludge production or improve water neutrality and energy sustainability, Unique Water Technologies keeps your pulp and paper mills on top of your growth goals and regulatory requirements.

Unique Water Technologies comprehensive range of offerings includes advanced separation and color removal technologies, alternative energy solutions, onsite waste management, and corrosion-reducing filtration technologies.

What this means for you:
  • Reduced operational costs via water and energy conservation by reusing water
  • Minimized downtime and maximized water and energy efficiency from our advanced boiler water treatment, providing asset protection for your conventional, recovery and bark boiler systems
  • Improved boiler efficiency through feedwater and make-up water optimization
  • Minimized failure and downtime costs by monitoring and controlling condensate quality
  • Improved heat transfer efficiency and protection of your assets from our advanced cooling water treatment
  • Protection of critical assets against corrosion, scaling and biofouling
  • Compliance with effluent discharge permits by monitoring it
  • Compliance with effluent discharge permits by monitoring it

Sugar Factory

Sweetening the Sugar Manufacturing Process

We offer total water and environment management for sugar mills and their Cogen plants; we also offer a complete range of high performance specialty process chemicals specially developed for diverse applications in liquid and solid sugar manufacture.


Water Management:
  • Pretreatment
  • Process water treatment
  • Boiler and cooling water chemical treatment programs
  • Wastewater treatment & recycle to achieve zero discharge
  • Sugar condensate recovery
  • Comprehensive O&M and AMC of the total water circuit
  • Supply of consumables like ion exchange resins, membranes, adsorbents, water treatment chemicals and antiscalants; supply of critical spares
  • Total water management consultancy
Specialty Process Chemicals
  • Mill sanitation chemicals
  • Sugar enhancer
  • Flocculants
  • Scale inhibitors
  • Scale inhibitors
  • Colour precipitants
  • Flotation aids
  • Boiler & cooling water treatment chemicals
  • Bagasse/Fuel additives
  • Activated carbon

Textile Industry

Solutions that Weave a Spectrum of Benefits

The textile industry is highly water intensive as water is integral to the production process. Ion Exchange, with its vast experience and installation base in the textile industry, has a thorough knowledge of its various manufacturing processes and its requirement of uninterrupted water supply in terms of quality & quantity. We also understand the complexity of its wastewater treatment and disposal norms which can pose a huge challenge for the textile industry.

Our total water and environment management solutions not only effectively solve our customers’ water and wastewater needs, but also give them good returns on their investment. Our unique systems can generate significant savings through recycle of water and reduction of freshwater requirements, lower energy and chemical consumption and recovery of valuable by products.


Our solutions include
  • Pretreatment and process water treatment
  • Cooling and boiler water treatment programmes
  • Wastewater treatment and recycle of process, dye bath and rinsing water for zero liquid discharge
  • Evaporation reject management
  • Comprehensive O&M services for all water systems
  • 24/7 service support
  • Supply of consumables like ion exchange resins, membranes, adsorbents, water treatment chemicals and antiscalants; supply of critical spares
  • Total water management consultancy
  • Compliance with pollution control board regulations
  • Lower/zero discharge of effluent
  • Savings on freshwater costs
  • Superior price performance ratios and process efficiencies
  • Creative ownership options with BOT and lease


Your Highway to Competitive Advantage

We take care of total water needs for the entire manufacturing complex, on a turnkey basis. Our solutions for process water and effluent treatment/recycle ensure requisite quality of water, reduce requirement of fresh water providing security against water shortages, and minimize waste ensuring compliance with discharge norms.


Our Range Includes:
  • Water treatment for process use and canteen/drinking water
  • Boiler and cooling water chemical treatment programmes
  • Treatment & recycle of effluent from various shops, water blow down and utility waste to achieve zero discharge
  • Oily waste treatment
  • Packaged vehicle wash recycle systems
  • Comprehensive O&M for complete water systems
  • 24/7 service support
  • Supply of consumables like ion exchange resins, membranes, water treatment chemicals, antiscalants and critical spares
  • Lower water consumption per vehicle/component
  • Lower cost of ownership & operations and higher ROI
  • Superior quality of finish
  • Reduced/zero discharge of pollutants
  • Negligible water wastage during washing
  • Assurance against water shortages

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